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Xi’an Aojie Electric Heating Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd. is a premier manufacturer of mesh-belt controlled atmosphere continuous brazing furnaces and industrial heat treat systems.
Started in early 1990’s Xi’an Aojie designed and manufactured its first mesh-belt controlled atmosphere continuous brazing furnace. In the years that have followed, Xi’an Aojie has committed to independent research and development of advanced brazing furnaces and heat treat equipments. Nowadays, Aojie mesh-belt continuous controlled atmosphere brazing furnace has successfully replaced imported equipment due to its unique advantages. Aojie mesh-belt controlled atmosphere brazing furnaces are widely used for brazing parts of stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, brass and copper, etc. by the industries of automobile, aero-space & aviation, and household appliances, etc.
To serve the aero-space & aviation industry, Aojie developed high, intermediate and low temperature high precision electric heating car bottom furnaces which meet temperature uniformity requirements set by US Military Specifications.
Aojie also developed BAB production lines for the production of stators and rotors of high efficiency and power economized motors.
Xi’an Aojie is a full service supplier, beginning with initial technical services such as feasibility studies, facility analysis and planning, continuing through equipment manufacturing, system installation, furnace start-up and operator training.
Aojie is always untiringly seeking to provide dependable equipment and technical support for customers to manufacture high-quality and low-cost products.
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