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What is Ladle Refining Furnace?
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Ladle refining furnace have the various function of: the heating, alloy composition fine-tuning, argon stirring, rapid temperature sampling, desulfuration, remove impurities, feeding wire to adjust composition and many other features. For the steel composition uniform, fine-tuning, desulphurization, and rising and adjust steel liquid temperature and so on. It has advantages of full equipment is simple, low investment, low cost, can melting many kinds of precision steel in high quality, easy operation and many other advantages, so become an important means which many factories most use of refining steel.

The composition of LF:

Ladle cover and lifting device 
Buggy ladle and drag chain device 
Heat bridge frame 
Bus bar system
High-pressure and low-pressure system 
Automatic control system 
Compressed air and argon blowing system 
Hydraulic system 
Water-cooling system 
Temperature measuring and sampling device
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